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It would not be wrong to say that data security, Internet security, and cyber resilience are the key support of the digital economy. They help individuals and businesses to protect their information data and personal information from any threats and breaches by giving surety to keep the information confidential with honesty and with the availability (the CIA triad) of information. Without the support of these vital three pillars, we will drop the importance and value of global data security. Hence, data security, Internet security, and cyber resilience are the key elements to protect data from threats and breaches as the number of hackers is increasing day by day.

ASHAL TECH was founded in 2012 to meet the challenges and become a reliable security consulting and training company. We are always available to provide our matchless services to the government and private sectors as well as to individuals of course. More than this, ASHAL TECH aims to build new and innovative Internet security solutions that assist the businesses of every sector. Moreover, we are glad to serve the military organizations to help in their work on the Internet and information security.

The security of the Internet is everyone's duty, and everyone is responsible for that. Therefore, we expand our services to communicate with you online via our ASHAL TECH website. We want everyone to work with us with the same objective in mind and can cooperate with us on topics of common interest so that we can efficiently improve information security together and provide guaranteed support for commercial and non-profit organizations in this online world.

We are full of expectations for the future of ASHAL technology and wish to open up new business opportunities to provide you with A to Z services of cyber-security.

Get Our State-Of-The-Art Security Solutions And Take Your Business To The New Heights Of Success Without Any Security Threats & Breaches.

Abbas J.

Founder & CEO

C|SLO,C|ISSA,C|DRE,C|ISRM,C|PTC, C|VA, C|PTE, C|EH, C|ISSM, C|ISSO, C|ISMS-LA, C|ISMS-LI,RHCT Certified/Consultant: ISO 27001:2013 – LA, ISO 9001:2015-LA, ISO 20000-1:2011, BCM 22301