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Being a well-established and well-reputed service provider in the field of IT security, ASHAL TECH is determined to provide all businesses with dependable security solutions at competitive rates. The foundation of this firm was led in 2012. Our dedicated teams of highly qualified and certified individuals put their best knowledge and expertise to offer top-notch security solutions that fit every client’s unique needs and preferences.

At ASHAL TECH, we implement an advanced yet simplified approach for the management of security infrastructure and deliver high-end security services solutions to eliminate the need for a variety of stand-alone and bolt-on security devices.

Our next-generation security systems and solutions will help you run your business in a more protected and secure way. Our state-of-the-art security technologies are matchless in the industry in terms of intelligence, performance, and deployment, effectively making you able to detect, analyze, fix, and prevent all cyber and internal security threats.

This is what makes ASHAL TECH an industry’s leading IT security service provider who can serve you the best beyond your expectations.


We, being a reliable IT security service provider, are committed to providing our clients with exceptionally good and effective security solutions which would certainly help them in achieving the long-term goals in their business. Hence, providing unique and satisfactory services to the customers is our goal.


We aim to become a trustworthy, competent, and dynamic security solutions provider through our comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge security products, services, and solutions for our valued clients of various types of industries.

How Do We Help Our Customers?

We help the business firms and industries in modifying all their business activities and processes in line with their set of goals, which are as follows:

  • • To enhance the real-time visibility and performance
  • • To reduce the chances of litigation to a remarkable extent to make all the activities simple and free from problems
  • • To synchronize the relationships between the participants of an organization to boost the working
  • • To help the firms in the quick and effective adoption of ITIL for a better management framework
  • • To improve customer satisfaction and retention to increase contract renewals

Our Esteemed Clients

We have served some industry-leading organizations with our high-end security solutions.

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ASHAL TECH is the fast-growing All-in-one service provider to meet all the security needs of your business. We provide top-notch security services, solutions, and training through our best-in-class delivery processes.

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